Scholtz 32

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Enjoy Sailing on the smooth water of Alsóörs, Hungary! Charter this 32 feet Scholtz Cruising Monohull for up to 6 people. Rate as low as €296 per day.


What You Can Expect:

The 32 feet Scholtz Cruising Monohull is a 2008 model, This boat can accommodate up to 6 people. It is ideal for hiking and racing the boat. capable of very good performance, offers enjoyable sailing experience for both races and tours. The ship has a white ash interior and has a separate nose cuff that holds space for a sail and a restroom. All lying and sitting places are green al’cantara with plush coverings. There are two single beds in the cabin with two sides. Backside the cockpit, the ship seats four people. (Recommended for couples). In the salon there is a sink and a large capacity fridge.

All instruments are available on board: depth, speed, wind direction indicator and automatic steering. The giant coockpit can accommodate up to 10 people.

The grove is connected to the mast by ball bearings, making it easier to pull and lower. The nose can be rented for 115% spinnaker racing.


• Year of manufacture: 2006
• Length: 9.6 m
• Width: 3.7 m
• Load: 1.4-1.9 m
• Height: 3300 kg
• Main_sail: 38.8 m2
• Fock: 22.7 m2
• Maximum Capacity: 8 persons
• Cabin: 6

Additional Services:

• Fuel: €33
• Cleaning: €33
• Towel: €7



Year of manufacture2006
Lenght9.6 m
Width3.7 m
Load1.4-1.9 m
Height3300 kg
Main Sail38.8 m2
Fock22.7 m2
before 30th March and after 30th September
between 31st March and 30th April, and between 16th September and 30th September
between 1st May and 30th June, and between 4th and 15th September
between 1st July and 3rd September
Full week
657 EUR
789 EUR
1052 EUR
1052 EUR
Short week
539 EUR
644 EUR
763 EUR
763 EUR
268 EUR
381 EUR
452 EUR
518 EUR
157 EUR
184 EUR
294 EUR
294 EUR
789 EUR
32 EUR
32 EUR
Period A

before march 30 and after september 30

Period B

between march 31 and april 30, and between september 16 and september 30

Period C

between 1st May and 30th June, and between 4th and 15th September

Peridod D

between 1st July and 3rd September

Charter Periods
4 Hours

10.00-tól 14.00-ig

One Day

From 8am to 6pm


From Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm

Short Week

From Sunday 6pm to Friday 4pm


From Friday 6pm to Friday 4pm