Harmony 38

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The 38 feet Harmony 38 Cruising Monohull is a 2008 model.

The ship has a teak interior and has three separate cabins, the rear achter cabin has a separate entrance to the bath cabin. All lying and sitting places were covered with white leather.

The first cabin has a wardrobe and hand-washing facility. In the salon there is a double bed with adjustable salon table.
Standing height 190 cm.
The Kitchen has refrigerators, one can be used for deep freezing.
Four rows of gas stove and oven, drawers and cupboards conceal the kitchen for six people, while the microwave oven can be connected to the electricity stream.

Every instrument can be found on the boat: depth, speed, wind direction indicator, automatic steering, etc.
Above the cockpit, a large sunshade tarpaulin is stretched and comfortable seat cushions are placed. The mainsail was pulled back to the winches.

Sailing: The sailboat passes through a sloping design, a nose sail is available 115% spinnaker for racing.



Year of manufacture2007
Lenght11.4 m
Width3.7 m
Load1.54 m
Height65000 kg
Main Sail35 m2
Fock23 m2
before 30th March and after 30th September
between 31st March and 30th April, and between 16th September and 30th September
between 1st May and 30th June, and between 4th and 15th September
between 1st July and 3rd September
Full week
950 EUR
1117 EUR
1490 EUR
1490 EUR
Short week
745 EUR
894 EUR
1117 EUR
1117 EUR
372 EUR
521 EUR
631 EUR
631 EUR
223 EUR
259 EUR
296 EUR
329 EUR
806 EUR
29 EUR
29 EUR
Period A

before march 30 and after september 30

Period B

between march 31 and april 30, and between september 16 and september 30

Period C

between 1st May and 30th June, and between 4th and 15th September

Peridod D

between 1st July and 3rd September

Charter Periods
4 Hours

10.00-tól 14.00-ig

One Day

From 8am to 6pm


From Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm

Short Week

From Sunday 6pm to Friday 4pm


From Friday 6pm to Friday 4pm