Sail on the most beautiful lake of Hungary: Balaton – the “Hungarian Sea”

Sailing is a very popular summer sport nowadays, which is used more and more often to put your own abilities to the test. Even in Hungary the sailing culture has been going back several years, so sailing in Hungary is no longer a rarity, but a very popular water sport and therefore the right choice for everyone. By far the most ideal sailing lake in Hungary is Lake Balaton. There are modern ports, for example in Balatonföldvár, Badacsony, Szigliget, BALATONFÜRED and Siofok, where boats can be not only serviced, but also docked, until the next sailing trip.
As sailing in Hungary already has a long tradition, many sailing trips and regattas were held on the lake. Every year, national and international sailors meet at Balaton to measure themselves. However, it has often happened that even experienced sailors underestimated the wind of Lake Balaton and thus got problems.
Boats are chartered in every major city on Lake Balaton. You can decide if your sailing trip in Hungary takes a day or longer. You will receive the best boats in Alsóörs Marina, at Sport Yachtcharter.
For beginners, skippers are offered so that you can go sailing in Hungary quickly and safely. You do not need to have any experience at all, as long as the instructions are followed, nothing can go wrong. For professionals, it is only necessary to get a few recommendations concerning the wind and the dangerous places of the lake (of course they have to own a sailing license).
If you do not want to sail yourself, you have the possibility to see the sailing regatta of Lake Balaton. The tension is given to the last moment and sometimes there are also great surprises who will be the next winner. Enjoy sailing in Hungary with the whole family during a family holiday in Hungary on beautiful Lake Balaton.